Partnership Editions

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Galeria du pressoir, Barcelona

Illustration for the “Bestiaire ou cortège d’Orphée”- d’Appolinaire, curated by Alain Moreau, exhibition 9/11/18 to 19/11/18

New Art Projects

Places, Faces and Spaces curated by Hedley Roberts - Group show, new painting in UK. 5/07/18 to 30/08/18

Galeria du pressoir, Barcelona

Summertime - Group show. 10/07/18 to 30/08/18

Pan and the Dream, magazine 2

Illustration - for Pan and the Dream magazine 2, “The beauty and the Beast”.

Paul Smith

“Women’s portraits” exhibition of ink drawings.

Netherlands, Amsterdam, June/July 2018

Germany, Hamburg,May/June 2018

UK, Albemarle Street, Domino room, March/April 2018

France, Paris, rue de Grenelle, October 2017 to March 2018


Stella Luna, Paris, London

Illustrations - for Stella Luna boutiques in Paris and Harrods showroom. In collaboration with Singular-Paris. August-September 2017

LE66, Beyrouth

Illustrations - for LE66 multi brands, luxury retail store in Beyrouth. In collaboration with Singular-Paris. March-August 2017

Discerning Eye exhibition

2 paintings selected by Sasha Craddock- November 2016