Isabelle Hayman is a French artist based in London, born1969.

She trained as a textile designer at the ESAA Duperré in Paris, followed by a Master of fine arts from Paris I.

“ My work is eclectic, navigating between my inner thoughts and my personal interest for the decorative arts. A large chunk of my work focuses on female portraits. Portraits showing the complexity of the female representation, layering different images in one portrait and focusing on details, posture, jewellery. Escaping from the idea of perfection, attempting to explore the multitude in our condition.

I recently started a series of large botanical ink drawings after a visit to the Rijsk museum. The motifs I saw on the delftware were a demonstration of how our world has always been visually connected. The 17th century dutch artists inspired by Japan also trying to copy the quality of Chinese ceramic but also greatly inspired by the majolica from southern Europe. I am exploring this idea of visual connections through my botanical drawings. “